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The Site changed Hosting at short notice, there are still some glitches however the site is being re-written and should be updated inearly 2023


In addition the images in many of the older parts of the site were digitised in the mid 1990s when the site first went live and are being rescanned, this is quite a large upgrade.



New Collectors Editions & Exhibitions


The Theatre, Patara.

These are the first of a "Collectors Edition" set of Platinum / Palladium prints, which will be sold in sets of six prints, as well as being available individually.

Theatre, Patara
  In the theatre at Patara the Romans built an inner wall. Using columns and stones from Greek temples and other buildings the wall sits on top of the front row seats, turning the theatre into a "Gladiator" arena.

Gladiator arena,
                                            Theatre Patara


This image gives and indication in the improvements in image qualty


  Restoration of an Unknown Half plate camera


Coming soon. Additional Platinum and Palladium prints.


In addition sets of selected silver gelatin prints will also be available.




Three new Exhibitions sets are scheduled for 2017/18, dates and venues to be confirmed

Site Updates.


Section on Houghton Cameras:

Restorating a Victo Quarter Plate camera


and a


Duchess Half Plate camera

Thornton Pickard shutter



Restoration of a Thornton Pickard Junior Special Ruby



Restoration of an Ensign Speed Roll Film Reflex


Restoration of a Flea Market Petzval
Flea Market