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Art and commerce

Photographic Formulae
Developers, Fixers, Stop baths. Toners etc

Kodak Wratten and Ilford safe-light filters

Ilford 1960
A Historical Guide to the Selection of Ilford Developers

Camera Restoration & other vintage photographic items
Restoration projects and other vintage equipment used

Compur and Gauthier Shutters
Dial and Rim Set Compur and also Gauthier shutters (Vario, Pronto, Ibsor)

Hand Colouring
Adding colour to B&W images

Online Resources
Material and equipment suppliers, and online resources

Photographic Reference Books
Selected publications

*** NEW *** Thornton Pickard shutter restoration service.
Now offering a full restoration service for the Time & Instant and Snap Shot
shutters, this includes new shutter blind & cord as well as repairs to casings
new lens panels, all casings & panels are French polished. New panels are
stained to match the rest of the shutter casing.
Email for details.