Artist's Statement


Since I began this website back in the early 1990's I've always taken a very low key - almost anonymous stance - on my own site !

I guess I don't say much about myself here, but I am a qualified Industrial Archaeologist, and also have an MA in Photography. The images came first these qualifications after :-)



My photographic practice has comfortably straddled the boundaries of digital and analog (film) practice for well over 10 or 12 years. Unlike many others I see the two as just different formats, and appreciate the benefits of both digital and film. However choice is very personal and while I need from necessity to use digital almost exclusively for my commercial work I am totally committed to analog (film) and a wet dark room for my own personal work.


This commitment to film has seen my re-equipping & shifting to shooting landscapes with a wonderful 10"x8" Agfa-Ansco, and upgrading my darkroom in 2005 to print up to 10"x8" negatives, B&W and Colour, in the UK, and I'm also setting up a second darkroom in the Aegean for up to 5"x4" negatives.


Alongside these changes I've also just acquired a 2nd Agfa-Ansco 10"x8" camera to use in the Aegean (Turkey/Greece), at which point after almost exactly 20 years I'm shifting from industrial to classical archaeological landscapes.


The professional work; Well over the past 30+ years this has been extremely varied from press work for NUS publications in the early 70's, my first live concert "Grimms" (Liverpool Poets, Scaffold, Zoot Money's Big band, Neil Innes etc), through general adverting& commercial photography, with some specialism in Jewellery photography, but a constant strand has always been musicians on location and particularly live.


2005/6 brought a totally new dimension to my photography and in August/September 2005 I photographed well over 40 bands live in about 5 weeks, shooting stills as well as video . . . . . . . . . the manic pace continued . . . . . . . . . 60gb's of still images & nearly a Terabyte of video . . . that's enough :-)

Things have changed . . . . . . . . back to film and large format :-) and fun.


Current plans are for some exhibitions in 2015 and 2016, the se will be International and further exhibitions are in the pipeline


Ian Grant, September 2011