Thornton Pickard Junior Special Ruby Reflex

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The restoration of a pre-WWII Thornton Pickard reflex camera

With the body totally stripped down it was soon aparent there was other significant cracking in the woodwork, nothing that couldn't be repaired but in couldn't be left as it was either.

So the body of the camera has been fully repaired and also where needed repainted matt black.

At the same time I looked at the shutter and mirror box, they seemed to be OK, however close inspectiont showed some serious damage that would impact heavily on the camera's future functionality.

When the camera arrived there was a small bit of wood that fell out, I couldn't understand where it coulda have come fro, however it's tah right hand bit beloww the mirror.

The mirror box is now fully resored and has a fresh coting of matt black paint. Just as importantly the material at the bottom of the mirrr box and the rear of the mirror

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