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ID-62 Ilford "Universal" PQ Developer

Phenidone 0.5 g  
Sodium Sulphite (anh) 50 g  
Hydroquinone 12 g  
Sodium Carbonate (anh) 60 g  
Potassium Bromide 2 g  
Benzotriazole 1% soln 20 ml  
Water to 1 litre  

To use: Photographic papers - Dilute 1+ 3 (can be 1+2 or 1+1 for higher contrast)

Forte 203 which was recommended for Polywarmtone is ID-62 without Benzotriazole (a PQ version of and gives slightly warmer results,
Ilfords's Warm tone version of ID-62 is ID-78

ID-62 can be made up as a more concentrated stock solution and keeps well with an excellent shelf life. It is similar to PFP an Ilford powder developer.
The formula is similar to Ilford PQ Universal which is more concentrated and uses Potassium Carbonate & Sodium Hydroxide in place of the Sodium Carbonate to improve solubility.

Concentrated Stock Solution ID-62

Phenidone 1.25 g 6.25 g  
Sodium Sulphite (anh) 125 g 625 g  
Hydroquinone 30 g 150 g  
Potasium Carbonate (anh) 95 g 475 g The Sodium Carbonate is best replaced by Potassium Carbonate
Sodium Hydroxide 5.3 g 26.5 g and Sodium Hyrdoxide in the Concentrate which increases solubility.
Potassium Bromide 5 g 25 g  
Benzotriazole 1% soln 50 ml 250 ml (or 2.5 g)  
Water to 1 litre 5 litres  
To use: Photographic Papers - Dilute 1+9 (1+4 for higher contrast)  
See also: Alternatives to Ilford Cooltone, Warmtone