Thornton Pickard shutters

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From an 1898 British Journal Almanac (Photographic) advert. Formed in 1886 by John Edward Thornton, Edgar Pickard joined two years later and the company became Thornton Pickard.

So far I've worked on over a dozen Thornton Pickard shutters, initially fairly simple repairs for others, before beginning more adventurous restorations. Few are identical the company sold many variations, and of course they also evolved. Similar shutters were still available new in the 1960's long after Thornton Pickard had ceased trading.

The shutter cocking ratchet off an early TP "Snap Shot" shutter alongside a more common Time and Instantaneous model. The Snap Shot has no facility for T - Time exposures although like other TP shutters it could be fitted with a Speed Indicator.

The same mechanisms alongside 1898 & 1940 illustrations

The optional Speed indicator dial which indicated the tension of the spring mechanism.

Two more shutters awaiting restoration. The left hand shutter fits externally to the front of a lens while the other is designed to fit between the lens and lens board.

Full details of making new shutter curtains and re-assembly will be added soon.

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