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Now fully restored it functions well, it's possible to use a 75mm Super
Angulon with the camera but a fresnel screen would make focusing easier.


With a Petzval lens, note the sagging bellows.

2016 update and the camera has been fitted with new bellows.

The Pacemaker Speed Graphic

This Graphic was in far worse condition compared to the pre-Anniversary
with no shutter or back, and a damaged rear focus rail track guides and
bellows in poor condition witha few holes.

The damaged rear track guides were a total write off and needed to
be replaced, they aren't easy to find, but I found a pair in the US.

Nothing was left of the top edge of the guide, it's not easy to cause this
amoun of damage !

There's little to show about this camera's restoration. After the
remaining body covering had been removes the areas the shutter
controls had occupied were filled in with papier-mâché. When totally
dried out wood filler was used to level off the area. prior to sanding flat.

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