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To the Reader, especially of England Scotland and Wales

THe injury and prejudice done unto me & to this Island, my native Country for the making of Iron, in cast works and bars with Pitcoal, Seacoal, Peat and Turff and with the like fewell, to melt, extract, refine and reduce all Mines and mettals, moved me in the negligence of better Wits and Pens to apologise for it: in this ensuing Treatise, and believe me Reader, twas no private, or politick designe in my Invention, but meer zeal, becomming an honest man, Patriæ, parentibus and amicis; that Engaged me (after many others failed) in these Inventions, for the general good and preservation of Wood and Timber, which,


Eque pauperibus, locupletibus eque,
Eque neglectis pueris senibusq; nocébit

Therefore it concerns His Sacred Majesty, his high Court of Parliament, all his Counsels, Mariners, Merchants, Royall and Loyall Subject (the destruction of Wood and Timber) to lay it to heart, and helping hands, upon fit occasions, in these so laudable Intentions of making Iron & melting of mines and refining of them with Pitcole, Seacole, Peat and Turf for the preservation of Wood and Timber for maintenance of Navigation, men of War, the Fishing and Merchantsí Trade, which is the greatest strength of Great Brittain, and all other His Majesties Kingdomes and Territories, whose defence and offence next under God, consists by his sacred Majesties assisting care and view of his men of War, Ships, experienced marrinours, merchants, Ordinance of Copper, Bras and Iron Armories, Steels and Irons of all sorts; both of bars, squares, and cast works and which ought and may be suplyed from Scotland and Wales by lron, Copper and Brasse, and made there, with Pitcole, Seacole and Peat; and which abound there and in England, also, In Cornwall, Devonshire, Sommerset, Glocester, Stafford, Darby, York, Lancaster, Westmerland, Cumberland, are many Copper Mines: so is there in Pembrook, Carmarthin, Merionith and Denbyshires, also there are very many rich Coper mines in very many places in Scotland, at Sterling, at Dumfad and many other places well known unto the Authour,

Dud Dudley.

Metallum Martis