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The exposure for the photograph of the interior of the Brick Kiln was around 4 or 5 minutes at f 45. The image was made on an extremely foggy morning and the only lighting inside the kiln was from the vent seen at the top. While I waited counting out the exposure time I took a quick photo of the camera & kiln.

The majority of the images on the site have been made with a Wood & Brass field camera, about 12 years old (Japanese) with modern German lenses. Others have been made with a 1956 Leica M3.


I have used a "Rosewood Wista" 5"x4" field camera with a 65mm Schnieder Super Angulon., 90mm Rodenstock Grandagon, 150mm Rodenstock Symmar & a 300mm Nikon lens, for nearly all the Black & White images. The rest have been made with an M3 Leica & 50mm Summicron lens, or a Pentax MX with various lenses.

Film stock

All the Black & White images have been taken on Kodak T-max 100 (at 50 ISO) or the faster Agfa APX100 (at 100 ISO). Processing for all B & W negatives has been in Agfa's Rodinal developer which was first manufactured over a 100 years ago.


All the Black & White images have been printed on Agfa Record Rapid paper, now replaced by a Vario-contrast paper. The developer for the prints has either been Agfa Neutol WA or more likely Ilfords excellent warm tone developer ID-78 which I think has never been available commercially. I make it up from the formulae, modified to make a more concentrated stock solution.