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The Ironworks Leased from the Dudley Estate in 1836
Date Type of Agreement and Parties Property Let Terms
1 Jan 1822 Grazebrook and Whitehouse (now H. B Whitehouse Lease) (Wallbrook?)Land at Coseley to erect a furnace 21 years at £37 5s
29 Sept 1825 Small, Shears and Taylor,(formerly Attwood) Lease  Dudley Wood Iron Furnaces Rent of £291 6s
ditto ditto Netherton Iron Furnaces Engine Ware-house etc Rent of £390
25 Mar 1832 Jones and Barker Lease Deepfields Iron Furnaces etc 14 years at £150
17 Oct 1833 J. and B. Gibbons, written agreement 2 of the iron furnaces at the New Level 6/- a ton on iron made
31 Jan 1834 ditto New Level Iron Furnaces 5/- a ton on iron made when more than 2 furnaces at work
25 Mar 1834 Evers and Martin, written agreement Parkhead Iron Furnace Rent of £260
25 Mar 1822 Izons and Co Tenants at Will, Old Level Furnace Rent of £460
29 Sept 1826 Samuel Evers, Tenant at Will Cradley Iron Works Rent of £300
25 Mar 1825 John Gibbons, Tenant at Will Level Forge and Mill Rent of £228
29 Dec 1826 Payton and Hopkins, Furnace Tenant at Will Coneygre Iron Furnace Rent of £250
By 1845 the furnaces at the New Level and the Coneygre Iron Works were being worked by the estate.

Production Figures for Leased Ironworks on the Dudley Estates, in Brierley Hill and Dudley, 1844

IRON WORKS Lessee Total Annual Furnaces Production
Old Level Furnaces Izons and Co 12,000 tons capacity 2 (only 1 in blast) 6,000 tons of pig iron
The Level Ironworks Gibbons and Co 6,000 tons of manufactured iron
Woodside Furnaces Bramah and Cochrane 9,100 tons of pig iron  
Park Head Furnaces Evers and Martin 5,500 tons of pig iron
Russellís Hall Furnaces Blackwell and Co 11,500 tons of pig and castings  
Holly Hall Foundry Johnson and Co 1,000 tons of castings  
Dudley Wood Furnaces British Iron Co 12,500 tons of pig iron
Netherton Furnaces ditto  
Deepfields Furnaces F. Pemberton 10,000 tons of pig iron
New Level Furnaces Gibbons and Co to 1843 15,000 tons capacity (not yet in blast)

This excludes the blast furnaces in Tipton and numerous small iron works producing a variety of finished goods throughout the area of the estate.

Two new major projects undertaken by lessees were the Russells Hall Iron Works, erected by Blackwell and Co, and the Woodside Iron Works, erected by Bramah and Cochrane. The latter works supplied iron for the construction of Crystal Palace.