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May it Please Your Majesty,

ALI Your Kingdom, Dominions, and Territories, being the happy Subjects of Your Cares, are therefore the proper Objects of Your View: Great Brittain, 0 Great Brittain, Your Principal Island, here Humbly Presents herself unto Your Royall Presence, View and Care; be Pleased, to interpret this her Obsequiousness, to be her Duty; for since Your Majesties safe Return, has already Graciously dayned, to View, and often to review her Shipings, Stores, Armories, Ordnance, Magazines, and Trade; Vouchsafe, Great Sir, Great Brittain Your Royal Patronage, and once more, at some one hour, or two, to Grace it with Your Auspicious Aspect, in this Mite, with all Humility Presented, By,

A Faithful Servant, of your Sacred

Fathers; and a Loyal Sufferer,
for your Sacred Majesty:
And by Pattent-Servant,
Dud Dudley.
The Parliament